The Outlaw Crypto Podcast has Launched!

The Outlaw Crypto Podcast has Launched!

Quick update, I have finally set up my Castopod instance, and have launched my new podcast The Outlaw Crypto Podcast. My first guest is Juan Galt, a Bitcoiner, Philosopher, and Investor, who has deep knowledge on the technical ins and outs of Bitcoin. You can check out the episode, here:

Juan Galt, Crypto Outlaw Podcast, Episode 1

I will be trying to do regular episodes, at least 1 per month but possibly even more frequent, as time permits. Check out my Castopod instance for new uploads, and I am sure I will be posting the episodes here, as well as on the Fediverse, Nostr, and Twitter. Be sure to follow me if you want to stay up to date with the podcast.

Outlaw Crypto Podcast Castopod Instance

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