1 Month of the Outlaw Crypto Podcast

1 Month of the Outlaw Crypto Podcast

Happy Birthday Monero & #FreeSamourai

So it's been right around a month since I launched my new show the Outlaw Crypto Podcast, and what a month it's been. Monero's 10th anniversary took place on April 18th, the Bitcoin halving took place two days later on April 20th (which was also international weed day), and then the shit kind of hit the fan.

Since the halving, we saw the launch of Runes, a shitcoin protocol which has been clogging the Bitcoin blockchain with transactions from minting coins, which have paralyzed the chain with ridiculously expensive fees, basically destroying what little utility Bitcoin had left. It's been both hilarious and sad to watch long time Bitcoiners engage in the most retarded mental gymnastics imaginable to justify the fact that Bitcoin is broken beyond repair, and has become a parody shitcoin casino chain instead of unstoppable digital cash.

Then we saw the US DOJ (Gestapo) raid Samourai wallet for the fake and manufactured crime of money laundering, launching an attack against the last remaining Bitcoin privacy solution that worked and was uncompromised, rendering Bitcoin a failed project and nothing more than an NFT optimized for financial surveillance. The most mindnumbingly stupid part about the Samourai accusations, is that supposedly they are unlicensed Money Transmitter, even though they never once touched user funds, or had control over user funds.

Today, we saw Consensys (yes the same Consensys heavily implicated in ETHGate, see my prior article for details) get served with a Wells notice from the SEC (Gestapo) for Metamask, which the SEC moronically thinks is an unregistered securities broker. Somehow the dumb bells at the SEC think a piece of software that allows you to interact with a decentralized network is somehow a broker that's brokering deals for people.

The FBI (Gestapo) also sent out a notice to the public warning them not to use unregistered crypto services that don't collect KYC information. (Even though it's not illegal) This notice basically is trying to trick the public into thinking privacy is criminal and financial surveillance from corrupt and rogue government agencies is normal.

Also, earlier in the month we saw the SEC go after Uniswap one of the most popular DEXs on Ethereum, for dealing in unregistered securities, as well. They served Uniswap a Wells notice on April 10th, 2024. It seems the Gestapo forces of the rogue terrorist nation of America are in an all out assault trying to tame, break, and otherwise render crypto useless and toothless.

I guess since the SEC, DOJ, FBI, and US authorities have been implicated for severely criminal behavior and corruption in ETHGate, they are now attacking crypto with all their might to try and accomplish several things.

  1. Scare the shit out of people who create privacy software that undermines their criminal efforts at total financial weaponization, surveillance, and control.
  2. Save face and pretend to be legitimate regulatory and law enforcement organizations instead of the cesspools of corruption and selective enforcement and legal persecution that they have been exposed to be.
  3. Destroy crypto as a tool for finanical freedom outside their control and bring it into to their total financial surveillance matrix, right before they launch the CBDCs and social credit system which will be tied to your mandatory digital ID.

We are all Outlaws Now

When I chose the name Outlaw Crypto Podcast, I didn't choose it because it may sound "cool", or "edgy" as many may assume, I chose it because we are currently under an all out attack by the most malevolent tyranny the planet has ever witnessed. To resist this tyranny is to become an outlaw, criminal, terrorist, or freedom fighter. Take your pick, the labels don't really matter much.

We are all being forced to choose a side, and this choice only leads to two outcomes. You either stand for freedom and oppose the enslavement of mankind, at all costs, or you bend the knee and buckle to enslavement under the cruel and lawless genocidal pedophile regime that controls the governments of the world. This is the game we are all playing for keeps, its for all the marbles, we won't get a second chance.

Personally, I have zero faith in mankind, I have chosen to place my faith in a higher power through belief in Jesus Christ, as we are in a spiritual battle, and the evil we see in front of us is just its physical manifestation. To choose to resist this tyranny, you will be considered a criminal, they will try to prosecute you in a kangaroo court, regardless of the evidence, for things that aren't even crimes in the first place as the firsthand experiences of Steven Nerayoff, Roman Sterlingov, Roman Storm, Roman Semenov, Keonne Rodriguez, and William Lonergan Hill clearly demonstrate.

The encroachments on our human rights will not stop until the powers that be are forcefully evicted from their positions of power and privilege. They have shown over and over again that they are a corrupt and lawless criminal class, with a two-tiered system of justice (just us), who are actively waging a war against the citizens of their own nations, through manufactured crisis, misinformation, censorship, and repeated violations of both domestic and international law, and warmongering genocidal crimes against humanity. There is no way out of our current situation but resistance and noncompliance. To side with the status quo, is to become a traitor to humanity at large.

In this dark age of censorship, deplatforming, and financial coercion, many are cowards who would rather self-censor and keep quiet rather than honestly discuss the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. History will judge them harshly, and their descendants will bear their shame. The Outlaw Crypto Podcast is my platform for discussing the topics in crypto that the cucks are scared to touch. I plan to keep bringing you the most important information regarding the already available tools that exist to free yourselves from the yoke of usury, currency devaluation, debt enslavement, and the weaponization of finance as tool for control.

This podcast will stand as a witness to the fight for freedom and humanity's technological and financial emancipation that free open source software, cryptocurrency, blockchain, privacy tools, and grass roots activism represent. Thanks for listening to the show, let me know what you'd like to hear covered, and keep fighting the good fight. Hasta la muerte.

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