Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

In light of the attempt by the lawless and murderous pedophile regime that controls the nations of The West to instill fear in the cryptocurrency industry, open source software developers, and community of users, the only correct course of action is to mock them relentlessly for their stupidity, audacity, and complete ineffectiveness at achieving their goal of creating a climate of terror.

These people are idiots, and they will not succeed. Let them know it, and make them feel stupid at every turn, for their colossal blunder. The only thing they have succeeded in doing is create a more radicalized resistance to their tyranny.

The Monero community has doubled down on privacy, committing funding and development resources to implementing Full Chain Membership Proofs months ahead of schedule, the Haveno decentralized exchange has launched, Serai is in the works, BasicSwap Dex is adding more and more assets, people are moving to P2P trading simply out of principle, and a innate sense of duty to resist.

Confidential, private by default, tokens and assets are already here, on both Zano, Dero, and Beam and coming soon to Firo, DarkFi, and other projects. Decred is also launching a Dex, which will offer P2P trading of multiple privacy assets. Direct atomic swaps for XMR with several different coins, including BCH, and Ethereum are in the works.

The tighter these genocidal pedo creeps try and squeeze their iron fist to maintain control, the more that will slip through their fingers. The genie is out of the bottle, Pandora's box has been kicked wide open and there is no going back. Money has been open sourced, and they will not be able to stop the tidal wave of liberty that is rapidly approaching and will crash ashore like a tsunami destroying all their dystopian cbdc micromanagement machinations.


These People are Professional Fuck-ups, They are Totally Incompetent

Their pathetic effort to crackdown on crypto is the exact same as their all their other idiotic unwinnable wars against ideas. They couldn't stop alcohol during prohibition, poverty, war, homelessness, drugs, bittorrent, weed, or illegal immigration, but somehow these fuckwads are going to stop anonymous crypto, p2p commerce, and black markets?

LMFAO, have you seen the leadership of the Western world? They are literally all drug addled, sexual predators, sellouts, people with zero integrity, and scumbags of weak moral fiber that were easily compromised through degenerate behavior, bribery, and blackmail. They are only in positions of power because they irreparably fucked up and were compromised and easily controlled. They are corrupt morons who were too stupid to control themselves and were tricked into a trap.

Resist them, their unlawful "legislation", their rigged financial markets and usury, their financial surveillance, and data collection. Switch to privacy respecting open source software, use crypto to transact outside of their surveillance and control, communicate with encryption, use decentralized social media like the Fediverse, and Nostr, and make content and memes mocking them as their empire collapses. Tell a friend, each one, teach one.

Do all this, but never, ever fear these rodents currently in control of the levers of power. These are the type of people who could fuck up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The only way they can possibly win in this fight, is by intimidating, and bullying honest, intelligent, and good people into submission and throwing in the towel. Don't let them.

We can all agree that writing code is not, never has been, and never will be a crime. Yet, this is exactly what they are trying to establish. We all know, that AML/KYC, Chainalysis, and other egregious and invasive methods of financial surveillance are ridiculous, ineffective, immoral, and criminal. So, stop complying. Write more code. Release more privacy tools. Do it anonymously, and make them freely available, far and wide.

It's a numbers game, we outnumber them 100 to 1, and they literally cannot arrest us all. They have declared war, so we'll give it to them. They are woefully unprepared, and have drastically overestimated the precariously delicate position of power they currently occupy. They are so arrogant and filled with hubris, they can't even see that the lame and half-assed attempt to crackdown, co-opt, and control crypto has tumbled the first domino creating a cascading effect which will lead to their own downfall.

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