Season 1 of the Outlaw Crypto Podcast has Come to an End

Season 1 of the Outlaw Crypto Podcast has Come to an End

I am happy to announce that the first season of the Outlaw Crypto Podcast has been a huge success, in my personal opinion. I'm super happy with the response I have received.

You can listen to all the interviews from Season 1, here.

Season 1 featured 12 different guests, all of them working on something related to privacy, censorship-resistance, or P2P commerce in the crypto sphere. The guests were kind of enough to take a chance on a brand new, unknown show, with zero following, hosted by a random nym from social media. For this, I send my sincerest thanks. I truly appreciate each and every one of them for being so generous with their time and energy, and being willing to come on the show and chat with me. Also, my deepest thanks go out to the listeners who have supported, reposted, and listened to the show. It's been surprising and humbling.

As NGU makes old school crypto users become fat, greedy, and complacent sellouts, and a new generation of noobs and normies enter the space with every market cycle who have no conception of the original cypherpunk philosophy, intent and purpose of trying to create decentralized digital cash in the first place, the culture of the industry is becoming more watered down, captured, coerced, cucked, and infiltrated. I felt like someone needed to cover the really important topics in the space, like how do we create truly decentralized, unstoppable tools, that can actually render the state powerless to interfere in any way with any of our economic or communications activity, ever.

I started the show as an attempt to embody the ideals of a decentralized and free internet, while promoting a message I feel ideologically motivated to spread, and as an added bonus I get to have amazing 1 on 1 conversations with people I personally find extremely interesting. I also wanted to shine some light on critically important topics I feel like are being shunned, under-reported, and ignored, in the popular discourse of the crypto media world.

Adopting FOSS Tools, For a New Kind of Online Reality

So, when I say some shit like "embody the ideals of a decentralized and free internet" what exactly do I mean? Well, for starters, I firmly believe in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and my opinion on its importance, closely aligns with that of the Free Software Foundation. Basically it boils down to the idea, that we either control the software and apps we use, or they will control us, and that's bad.

Taking that philosophy into consideration and my commitment to it, I've dedicated myself to using as much FOSS as I possibly can, while making the effort to self host as much of my online presence as humanly possible.

What does that mean for the Outlaw Crypto Podcast?

It means that I record the interviews using my FOSS Linux operating system on my laptop, on a self-hosted E2E, P2P video chat app, Miro chat, and use Krita, Handbrake, Kdenlive, and Tenacity, to edit, mix, and produce the show, which is then published and distributed through my self hosted Podcasting 2.0 Castopod server, and then posted on FOSS decentralized social media like the Fediverse, Nostr, Wavlake, and Oddysee. To finance the show, I am relying on the Value 4 Value model, and P2P digital cash payments in the form of Privacy coins (which are much preferred) and BTC (Lightning for Podcasting 2.0). Even this Ghost blog, on which you're reading this post is self hosted and FOSS. I'm not a total FOSS zealot, however, I still use some surveillance & censorship spyware like Twitter, but I do make the effort to prioritize FOSS apps and use them first.

I'm doing this because I truly believe in becoming the change we want to see in the world, and now, we actually have the tools to take back control of our online privacy, web presence, data, the platforms we use, and instead opt to choose privacy-respecting, free as in freedom focused alternatives. By using these tools, I now have a truly censorship-resistant place on the internet where I fully control almost every app and platform I am using. Nobody can shut me down, or deplatform me, nobody can stop me from accepting donations or even know I received them in the first place, nobody can collect my data online and use it against me, nobody can tell me what topics to cover or who to interview, and the show can now truly and fearlessly cover what I think is important, without compromise.

Wen Season 2?

I'll be back in a couple of weeks with some more new and compelling interviews for you to listen to. I am going to take a break and try and catch up on some other things I am working on, spend some time with my family, and make some minor tweaks to the show.

I am planning on doing 12 show seasons, it strikes me as a good number, so season 2 will have 12 new interviews, and I will probably launch the new season around the middle of July. I have some dope guests lined up so stay tuned and subscribe on RSS, Fountain, or Castopod so you don't miss an episode.

If you have any interview suggestions or requests, you can reach me directly using any of the channels listed on my contact page on this blog. Thanks again for all the support and see you again in a couple weeks.

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